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From founder’s desk:

Manoranjan Pandey (Manu)

After earning my Master's in German from Benaras Hindu University, I launched my career as a German-speaking tour guide in India in 1995. Transitioning to a self-employed tour operator in 2000, my passion for guiding remains strong, leading me to continue guiding trips to India. In 2012, I founded India Travel Boutique, dedicated to providing seamless, immersive travel experiences without sacrificing comfort. With nearly three decades of experience in India's travel industry, I spent 15 years in India before shifting to Austria and finally settling down in Germany. With an M.A. and M.Phil in German Literature from the University of Salzburg, I've lived in Germany for a decade, managing my company ITB in India remotely. Having spent 15 years in Europe and nearly 30 in academia and travel, I bridge the gap between India and the West, blending German work ethic with Indian dedication. Our tours, meticulously designed for Westerners, ensure a seamless experience with an 80% return rate. Leveraging my extensive network and reputation as a trusted organizer and guide in India, we offer unique, personalized experiences and handle emergencies with ease. Give us the chance to serve you and enjoy a truly unforgettable journey with ITB.