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Bandipur, once a trading centre for the Tibetans, is an exotic village situated at about 1000 metres on the way between Kathmandu and Pokhara. The village has all the beautiful artistic elements of the traditional Newari culture, which is still followed by the new generation. Bandipur weekend tour is a great escape from your city life to a simpler place where time stands still. The colours of the Newari culture still seem untouched by modernisation. People here live their lives with a great deal of joy and peace. They do not rely on technology for everything, but use their time efficiently for daily activities and problems. As well as the people, the views from Bandipur are breathtaking, overlooking not only the incredible vastness of the Marsyanngdi river valley, but also an incredible sweep of the Himalayan range. As well as the natural beauty, this small town has some excellent 18th century architecture, various temples and amazing opportunities to observe daily village life. If you want to enjoy and immerse yourself in a simpler way of life, then a Bandipur itinerary is for you.

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