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Bumthang (Jakar)

With winding roads lined by towering evergreen pine forests, vast and breathtaking valleys, and a significant cultural heritage, Bumthang in the centre of Bhutan is an enchanting and captivating place. Bumthang possesses a distinctiveness that lures visitors and sets it apart from other regions. Consisting of four smaller valleys – Tang, Ura, Choekhor and Chumey – the spiritual region of Bumthang is steeped in religious legend and is home to most of the country’s oldest Buddhist temples and monasteries. Peace and tranquillity permeate Bumthang, and it is also the ancestral home of the great Buddhist teacher, Pema Linga. The current dynasty traces its roots back to Pema Linga’s descendants. In Bumthang, visitors can enjoy spiritual journeys and also explore famous attractions such as textiles, brewery, delicious Swiss cheese, stunning hiking trails and museums.

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