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Chitwan, known for the beauty of its dense forests, lies in the south-western part of the Narayani Zone of Nepal. Chitwan is world famous as one of the best wildlife viewing areas. Known for its flora and fauna, the region is a major producer of food and cash crops in the state and the fauna is protected by a battalion of the Nepal Army and patrolled by anti-poaching units. The exotic nature is at its best on our Chitwan National Park tour package. The Tharu culture of Chitwan is well worth seeing, as is the Newari culture that has left its mark on the traditional structures of the place. Instead, Chitwan is home to museums and a fort of great historical significance. Unlike other places in Nepal, Chitwan is more connected to wildlife and natural habitat giving travellers an all new experience of jungle safaris. Safari costs in Chitwan, Nepal are considerably affordable and worth every penny. The biodiversity of wildlife in Chitwan National Park is far beyond amazing and the conservation of this natural aura is carried out by the wise and hardworking locals of the area along with military units.

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