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Adorning the right shoulder of India, Kathmandu is nestled in a bowl-shaped valley in central Nepal. Amidst the dazzling beauty of nature, this vibrant city descends from the icy heights of the Himalayas. Built by King Gun Kamdev in 723 AD, Kathmandu lies in a valley that is an open-air museum of popular sites, classical temples and shrines, golden pagodas and encouraging deities. The city’s infinite traditional picturesque and cultural interest attracts the travellers for a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal, from all over the world. Witnessing the majestic beauty of the Himalayan peaks from different points around the valley makes it even more appealing. Stepping into Kathmandu is like stepping into another world. You will never get tired of this city, no matter how many times you visit. The surrounding mountains will lift your spirits and the fresh air will rejuvenate your senses. You will take home hundreds of memories from the majestic city of Kathmandu.

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