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Kirtipur, an ancient city of Nepal, located 6 kilometres from Kathmandu, stands for glory. Known for resisting the Gurkha invasion in the seventeenth century, the town is rich in culture and history. Kirtipur is the birthplace of the Newar culture, which is celebrated throughout Nepal. The main attractions of Kirtipur tours in Nepal are Chilamachu Stupa, Bagh Bhairav Temple and Uma Maheshwar Temple. The popularity of the region is constantly growing with the increase in the number of visitors to praise the land of origin of the Newar. They were the main power in the Nepalese kingdom until they were succeeded by the Gurkhas. With so much history, the town also has religious significance. There are many important temples of Hindu deities in the region. It is an excellent destination for those who seek peace. The Bagh Bhairav temple is the most visited place in Kirtipur due to its association with Lord Shiva. With so many moving parts, this town is a tourist favourite and a cultural centre as well.

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