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Spiritual India

Many of the power places we visit together in India are known only to a few. They are very special energy places. They are characterised by very powerful vibrations: Unknown places where very advanced spiritual masters often practised intensive sadhana for decades. Not all of them passed on their knowledge to their disciples.

But the lack of disciples never stopped these masters from leaving something precious to those who came after: Some of the powerful cosmic energy they had accumulated through their spiritual practice can still be felt today in the places of their sadhanas.

The magic and healing power of these places comes from this energy – this subtle, transcendent, yet very palpable vibration. It is the true legacy of the yogis: a palpable presence that reveals itself to visitors and supports them on their spiritual path. These temples, caves and special natural places are known for the healings that people experience there time and again – even to the point of spontaneous self-healing of severe physical ailments.

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