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West & Central India

Ancient traditions and customs, fascinating handicrafts, an untouched natural paradise and home to the subcontinent’s last lions – Western and Central India will immerse you in a world that is both unspoilt and breathtaking. With the vast salt desert of Rann of Kachch, the unique Gir National Park, bustling cities and the most important Jain sanctuaries, Gujarat offers mystical landscapes and cultural highlights of superlatives away from mass tourism. You will also get to know various tribal communities in the rural areas. Madhya Pradesh, in central India, is the heart of the country. Prehistoric cave paintings and archaeological traces of Homo erectus – nowhere else in India can you travel as far back in time as in Madhya Pradesh. Priceless cultural treasures, magical palaces and temples and breathtaking tiger reserves make central India a destination to remember. Discover the mystery of western and central India on a personalised tour with the experts!

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