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Horse Safari



India has the longest living history of mankind. It has amazing architecture, colourful festivals and pageantry, a rich culture, interesting wildlife and unrivalled cuisine. On horseback, you can escape the crowds and be part of the real India. This is the perfect place to ride. Why not come to feel the winter sun on your back as you ride or even come for Christmas? Horse riding in India varies from the fabulous forts and palaces of Rajasthan to camping in the more remote areas – but remember that camping in Rajasthan is in luxurious tent camps and the service is second to none. Every detail is taken care of and you are accompanied by a personal guide to smooth the way. Amazingly, our fabulous Ladakh Trail through the Himalyas is open to beginners. The pace is a walk. You’ll need to be fit though. If you’re a single rider, then all of the Indian Trail Rides are perfect for you and you’ll soon become integrated into the group.


The horses that are used in Rajasthan are the Marwaris. The Indian people are very fond of these wonderful creatures. In the past, they were highly prized as horses of war. Nowadays many of them are used as polo ponies and endurance horses.  

We will give you an overview of the locations where we ride before going into detail about our various riding holidays in India.

Feel the spirit of the Marwari horse as you ride through magical Rajasthan.

Join us for a ride on the Marwari horses in their native land.


Why consider an equestrian holiday in India?


The thrill of an equestrian adventure is second to none. Horses can take you off the beaten track where bikes and walking cannot. In India, two of my favourite regions for a horse-riding safari are Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Both are blessed with beautiful landscapes and distinctive cultures.      

The owners of Bijaipur Castle – a centuries-old fort in the state of Udaipur – are one of the most renowned equestrian families in Rajasthan. The stables at Bijaipur are home to a special bloodline of the famous Marwari horses. Elegant, powerful and compact, these horses are a joy to ride and have been specially trained to ride in the rugged desert and riverine terrain of western and central India. They have the ability to negotiate granite rock faces and loose laterite tracks.

These horses can be used to organise exceptionally guided, tailor-made riding safaris of between four and eight hours a day, with stops for birdwatching, village walks and picnic lunches along the way. Evenings are spent either in small local lodges or hotels, or in a custom-built mobile tented camp.


At ITB we welcome groups of between 4 and 10 riders.  We can cater for all riding abilities, but to get the most out of your holiday you should be comfortable galloping in open country.  We do have a weight limit of 90kg for each rider.

You can book your own private group or join one of our open groups. If you are short on time ask us about day rates.

The most popular time to ride in Rajasthan is between October and March, however rides can be booked for any time of the year to suit your requirements, and will be tailored to suit the weather conditions (summer heat / monsoon rain etc) as well as your riding ability and requirements.  Families with children and non-riding companions are welcome.

Travelling with a heart

Travel can make a real difference by investing sustainably and responsibly in nature, wildlife and communities.

There is a growing desire and need to protect and nurture our planet. Many of us are making conscious changes to the way we live, buy and consume. The winds of change have begun to blow fast and far, from avoiding single-use plastics to switching to renewable energy.

Although there are many fantastic ways to offset our carbon emissions while travelling, slow, natural travel by foot, bike or horse, and the use of eco-friendly hotels and camps remain the most sustainable, harmonious and rewarding.

Celebrating Christmas and New Year during your Ride

Celebrating Christmas and ushering in the New Year in a very special way with a magnificent ride through the sandy desert tracks of Rajasthan on the native and temperamental Marwari horses. Discover the spirit of the Marwari breed, enjoy long canters and a well-trained horse, stay in some of Rajasthan’s finest heritage hotels, witness the glory of its royal past and camp under the stars in rural Rajasthan during this 8 day, 10 night ride on these forward thinking, hot-blooded indigenous horses of India.

You can choose your dates so that Christmas and New Year fall during this period of your travel. This will make your trip amazing and special, which you’re bound to remember for a long time to come!

About Rajasthan:

Rajasthan is the largest state in India (342,239 sq km), occupying about 10.4 per cent of the country’s total area – roughly the size of Germany. It is located in the northwest of India. The official language is Hindi. However, you will find that most locals speak Rajasthani. English is widely spoken in the towns and larger urban areas. This may be a hangover from British colonial times. Arts and crafts are very important to Rajasthan and have become world famous. Think of the once-fashionable tie-dye prints and the now-fashionable Indian wooden furniture. The precious and semi-precious stones found in the state are the basis for much sought-after traditional Indian gold and silver jewellery. This state is steeped in history and was once home to the Mughals and the brave and loyal Rajputs. Rajasthan was divided into many kingdoms, each ruled by a different royal family. This has resulted in some of the most incredible architecture throughout the state. You’ll see carved temples, magnificent forts and imposing marble palaces wherever you look. The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur. It is known as ‘The Pink City’ because it was painted pink to welcome Prince Albert of Great Britain. Jaipur is home to the impressive City Palace, the intricate Palace of Winds, the incredible Jantar Mantar Observatory and the truly magnificent Amber Fort. You must enter the Amber Fort on an elephant!

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