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Indian Food and Drink

Indian cuisine:

is famous worldwide for its delicious flavours, spiciness and vast range of dishes. A number of common spices, such as pepper, cardamom and turmeric, actually originate from India’s plains and jungles. Every Indian dish boasts a meticulous blend of herbs, seasonings and spices, and each cook meticulously guards their own recipe for garam masala, which translates to ‘hot mix.’

Rice is at the heart of Indian cuisine. In addition to rice, there are several types of bread, including flat chapattis and roasted naan. Indian thalis, commonly served on a single plate, usually consist of rice, sabzi (vegetables), soups, and side dishes.

The northern region of India is known for its meat stews and kebabs, while the southern region favours spicy vegetarian curries and rice-flour pancakes known as dosas. India’s best seafood can be found in Bengal and on the beaches of Goa and Kerala.


Food Specialities include:

Thali: A plate of food including rice, flatbreads, vegetable stews, meat dishes and so on; this is what constitutes a ‘meal’ in many regions of India.

Samosa: Triangular pastry parcels stuffed with potato, onion, peas.

Pakora: Deep-fried vegetables in lentil-flour batter, a favourite portable snack.

Dal: There are several variations of lentils that are stewed, fried or ground into flour as an essential ingredient for pastries and fritters.

Naan: Naan is a preferred bread, baked within a clay oven.

Tandoori Chicken: This is a Punjabi specialty made with chicken spiced with yoghurt and cooked in the tandoor.

Paneer: This is a gentle Indian cottage cheese simmered in sauces or seasoned and grilled, and lastly, Jalebi. Sugary batter deep-fried and arranged in an orange swirl.

Dosa: A flatbread crafted from fermented rice-flour batter, paired with curry dips or packed with vegetable curry, originating from the southern regions.


Drink Specialities:

Lassi: Lassi is a drink from India made from yogurt. It has a smooth, thick consistency like a smoothie. Lassi is very popular in India and is considered a traditional drink. The British English spelling of yogurt has been used. It is especially loved in North India, particularly in Punjab, during the summer months.

Chai: Sweet, potent Indian tea is a blend of tea with spices such as ginger and cardamom, often served with milk and sugar. This beverage is best enjoyed from roadside chai-wallahs in an earthen pot named Kulhad.

Fresh Lime Soda: Another refreshing choice for Indian summers is Fresh Lime Soda, created by mixing fresh lime juice, soda water, ice cubes and sweetener like sugar. Indian individuals enjoy Masala Soda Kingfisher, which is India’s most favoured lager and consists of blending it with typical tangy spices.

Kingfisher: India’s most popular lager beer.