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Spiritual Tours

Come, take a plunge into the ocean of ancient Indian spirituality

On our spiritual tour you will discover the ancient spirituality of India. Dive into the sanctity of its most sacred places and discover profound insights about yourself.

With hand-picked accommodation, intimate group sizes and authentic local encounters, ITB ensures a truly enriching experience.

Only a few people know about many of the power places we will visit in India. They are special energy sites with very strong vibrations: Unknown places where very advanced spiritual masters practised intensive sadhana, often for decades. Not all of them managed to pass on what they knew to their disciples.

However, these masters left something very valuable to posterity in the absence of disciples; In the places of their sadhana, some of the powerful cosmic energy they built up through their spiritual practice can still be felt today.

The magic and healing power of these places comes from this energy – this subtle, transcendent, yet very palpable vibration. It is the true legacy of the yogi: a tangible presence, revealing itself to visitors and supporting them on their spiritual path. They are known for their ability to heal people, even those with severe physical conditions.

Explore ancient temples, meditate on the banks of the holy Ganges, immerse yourself in satsang with enlightened gurus, delve into the teachings of the Vedas and embrace different levels of yoga practice as you experience the wonders of India’s spirituality. In a nurturing and safe environment, join fellow seekers in uplifting mantra chanting and kirtan sessions. Explore the gentle spirituality that is India at its best.

The perfect introduction to this vibrant country, our Spiritual India package is designed for newcomers, spiritual seekers and those who want a more intimate and personal experience.

The transformative power of Indian spirituality will open your heart and soul. Come with us on this profound journey of self-discovery.

Price: On Demand

Spiritual Retreat with Ayurveda, music, meditation, Tajamahal & Diwali festival.

Route: DELHI-AGRA-JAIPUR-PUSHKAR-CHANDELAO-JODHPUR-DELHI Date: You choose (between September and April) Note:...

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Price: On demand

Spiritual Wonders of India

Route: DELHI-NAINITAL-KARNAPRAYAG-RUDRAPRAYAG-RISHIKESH-HARIDWAR-DELHI Date: You choose (between September and April) Note:...

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