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Top 5 reasons to travel Tibet

Tibet has plenty to offer adventurers looking for off-the-beaten-track routes, with vast high-altitude landscapes, unvisited trails, vibrant festivals, and an intriguing ancient culture to explore.

It is undeniable that Tibet has faced significant difficulties over the years, but the resilience and determination of the Tibetan people endure.

Tibet is a profoundly spiritual country with an ancient culture that is still alive and well today. Exploring the holy sites where Tibetans worship is awe-inspiring. This encounter leaves a lasting impression on those who are privileged enough to visit for several years.

No matter what exploration you select in Tibet, we are confident that you will develop a passion for this wonderful, theatrical, and enlightening independent area.


5 Reasons why you will love to travel to Tibet:

  1. The Extraordinary Landscape of Tibet

Tibet has a remarkable landscape that is unlike any other on the planet.

The Extraordinary Landscape of Tibet

Tibet has a remarkable landscape that is unlike any other on the planet. It’s harsh, faraway and unforgettable. The enormous Tibetan plateau against the snow-covered tops of the world’s tallest mountains will leave you amazed.

The Extraordinary Landscape of Tibet

Tibet has a remarkable landscape that is unlike any other on the planet. Tibet is commonly known as the ‘roof of the world’ because most of it is located at an altitude of approximately 4,500m above sea level. Tibet is commonly known as the ‘roof of the world’ because most of it is located at an altitude of approximately 4,500m above sea level. The Tibetan plateau extends 2000km from the west to the east, and some of its peaks on the Nepal border rise above this height. One can easily view the mountains by just turning their head, with the Himalayas to the south, the Karakoram to the west and the Kunlun to the north.

The unforgettable flight to Lhasa over the Himalayan range is a prominent feature of a trip to Tibet. In fine weather, the stunning vistas of Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu, and countless other peaks stretching into the distance are awe-inspiring.

Tibet is an excellent location for trekking. The remarkable scenery and views of the Himalayas are among the top reasons to visit Tibet. As you trek through the high passes and winding trails adorned with Buddhist prayer flags, you will feel greatly inspired by this ancient land.


  1. Discovering Tibet’s People and Culture

Experiencing Tibet’s culture is an amazing part of any trip to this region.

The significant impact of Buddhism on Tibetan culture is a highlight

of any trip to Tibet.  Tibetans are very religious and have followed Buddhism for over 1300 years.

In Tibet, there are many Buddhist gods and goddesses worshipped, alongside worshipping the mountains as living deities. You can see people spinning prayer wheels and walking in a clockwise direction around temples, monasteries, and mountains all over Tibet. However, Bon followers walk around sacred sites anti-clockwise.

Although the Tibetan landscape is stunning, the most remarkable moments in Tibet will probably arise from time spent with locals. Whether sipping yak-butter tea with a monk at a distant monastery or having an unplanned picnic with a herding family on a far-off lake’s shores, you’ll return from Tibet with a deeper perception and admiration of their special cultural identity.


  1. Spectacular Festivals of Tibet

Tibet boasts over 100 annual festivals that provide a unique insight into Tibetan Buddhism.

One of the most important of these festivals is the Saga Dawa festival, which takes place at Mount Kailash – a particularly sacred location revered by both Hindus and Buddhists.

During the festival, thousands of pilgrims from throughout Tibet pay their respects to Mount Kailash. For generations, Hindus and Buddhists have viewed the sacred mountain as the Mythical Mount Meru, which acts as the cosmic heart of the universe, from where all energy flows.

A multitude of pilgrims will assemble to honour the mountain by circumambulating it clockwise, which is known as kora. The journey lasts numerous days and covers a 5800 metre pass.


  1. The Amazing Monasteries Monasteries of Tibet

Amazing  Monasteries, which were the most important social institutions in historical Tibet, can be found all over Tibet even today. Because religion is highly valued by Tibetans, monasteries serve as places of learning where monks and nuns are responsible for preserving and teaching Buddhist beliefs.

Unfortunately, more than 6,000 monasteries were destroyed during China’s Cultural Revolution. Fortunately, some monasteries have been rebuilt since the 1980s, with increased religious freedom being granted. Today, monks have gone back to monasteries across Tibet and are still being educated.

The majority of monasteries and temples in Tibet welcome visitors warmly and often provide accommodations for the night, even in remote areas. Our trips visit several monasteries, including Samye, Ganden and Jorkhang. Exploring one of these monasteries is a fascinating method to gain insight into the religion that has significantly impacted Tibet today.


  1. Driving on the Friendship Highway, once in a lifetime experience

Friendship Highway is an incredible journey that spans 850km from Kathmandu to Lhasa. It is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking routes on the planet.

Although the border crossing between Nepal and Tibet closed due to damage caused by the 2015 earthquake, it is still possible to drive through Tibet up to Rongphu Monastery and Everest base camp, as no other part of the highway is affected.

The road trip on the highway will last 2-3 days, but the stunning views make it worthwhile. You’ll witness unique cultural landmarks, extensive grasslands, the upper region of the Yarlung Tsangpo River, and awe-inspiring sights of the Himalayas.